13 Offensive Halloween Costumes That You Definitely Should Stay Away From This Year

Rachel Dolezal, Bill Cosby, Josh Duggar and more ideas that you should steer clear of in 2015

By Jenna Mullins Oct 19, 2015 9:49 PMTags
Josh Duggar, Bill CosbyGerardo Mora/Getty Images, Kris Connor/Getty Images

When we say "stay away from," we mean that you shouldn't dress up in these terrible costumes for Halloween this year and also, we mean that you should stay away from anyone who does. Because a person who thinks dressing up as a Syrian refugee is a laugh riot is probably a person you shouldn't be friends with.

Halloween is just under two weeks again, but we thought we would let you know which offensive costumes are on the "hell, no" list this year so you can still come up with a different idea should you have your edgy, Bill Cosby-with-sleeping-pills costume all ready to go. Bad idea, guys. 

We beg of you, please do not be that person at a party that makes everyone groan or cringe as soon as you walk through the door. There's a way to be topical and funny without being completely offensive and inappropriate.

Just avoid these costume ideas and you should avoid dirty looks or silent treatment this Halloween season:

1. Rachel Dolezal


We just feel like too many people will attempt blackface, which we all know is an awful, awful idea.

2. An AshleyMadison.com cheater

Ashley Madison

The data dump has provided much fodder for jokes, true, but wrecked marriages shouldn't be a Halloween costume.

3. Bill Cosby

Splash News

We hope we don't have to explain why he's a terrible inspiration for a Halloween costume.

4. Jared Fogle 

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

See reason above.

5. Josh Duggar

Kris Connor/Getty Images


6. Cecil the Lion

Unless you are buying the costume that donates proceeds toward the Global Conservation Organization (because at least you are helping a good cause), then you should not be a bloody animal carcass.

7. David the Killer Dentist


Please do not celebrate this guy.

8. Syrian refugees


What could possibly be funny about this traumatic situation?

9. Sexy Donald Trump


"Sexy" and "Donald Trump" should never be in the same sentence.

10. Any "zombie" version of a deceased celebrity

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Tacky, overdone and just plain unfunny.


11. Megyn Kelly as a bloody tampon.

Officially, this is called "Foxy Megyn Bloody Tampon costume," but it's just a crass reminder that Donald Trump often says really gross, offensive stuff.

12. Ahmed Mohamed


Yes, there's already a costume for this poor kid. There was nothing funny about what happened to him.

13. A school shooting victim

Spencer Weiner/Getty Images

You might have gasped audibly at the idea that anyone would dress up as something like this for Halloween, but it's happened before. Because some people think senseless murder is a funny outfit, apparently. Does that make you incredibly nauseous? Us, too.

Basically, ask yourself this question when getting into your Halloween outfit: "if a photo of me in my costume ended up online, would I be branded a horrible human being?" If the answer is anything besides "no," then you shouldn't be wearing it. And if you do choose to wear said offensive costume, then prepare for your photo to end up online and for the flood of backlash, because that is a very likely scenario.  It happens every single year.

Don't be that guy.

Just make like Channing Tatum and dress adorably: