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Jackie Cruz may be one tough cookie starring as the law-breaking inmate Flaca on Orange is the New Black, but in real life she's a little more down-to-earth and has a beauty routine to match. While the actress is comparatively low-maintenance in the beauty department, she has a handful of key tricks that keep her looking camera-ready, even on her days off.

What is your signature lip color? 
I prefer matte lipstick. Ruby Woo by MAC is my favorite. I don't like shiny lipstick because I feel like a doll when I'm wearing it. I feel like matte lipstick stays on longer. I love all the MAC colors and I literally know the names of each one; my friends will be wearing a color and I will know exactly what it is. I also really love NARS Cruella Velvet Lip Pencil, it's a vamp dark red. I love all red lipsticks. 

Bronzer or blush?
Blush because it just makes me look alive. If I were to wear any makeup daily it would be a lipstick and a blush. I love Gingerly which is a peachy color blush by MAC. There's this other neutral color that I love called Melba, which also happens to be my grandmother's name.

Any current product obsessions?
I'm really into that J.Lo glow without the J.Lo. I love the Chantecaille Liquid Lumière shimmer so much that I have it in my purse. I prefer to use this with a blush in the place of a bronzer. For that shimmery, flushed look I also really love the RMS cream pots. They are all natural and make me feel like I'm not wearing anything.

What's your signature scent?
Do you want to know something? I don't have one. I love floral scents though. I got three bottles of Christian Siriano's perfume and I've been using that recently. It has a rosy scent and goes well on my skin. I like Black Orchid by Tom Ford too. It smells unisex to me, like a strong woman.

You have great hair. What are your hair styling secrets?
I don't wash my hair very often. I like to wear it down in natural waves. My bangs are my signature and I usually don't put a ton of work into my day-to-day hair. But you know what's really important? I have curly hair, so I can't live without my straightener. It's a Keratin Complex flat iron. It gets hot really quickly and the heat is distributed evenly. I also really love to use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

What is your best non-product related beauty tip?
I've been wearing a sleeping eye mask since I was 7. I wear it so much that it's falling apart. I can't sleep without it. I think my mother made me a mini diva. My favorite one has little pillows on it. It's cushy and it's great because when the sun comes out I'm not wrinkling my face. That's the whole point of it, so you can sleep without light and wake up slowly. I literally have so many of them and I never can find them at night.

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