There's a new lady in The Good Wife's life. Cush Jumbo makes her splashy debut as Lucca Quinn, a new attorney who befriends Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florrick, and she's basically living out every fan's dream.

"I was actually a big fan of the show. I had been watching—I'm not someone who gets to follow a lot of TV because of the work I do, but it was something that I'd watched since episode one of season one back in England because it started when I was in drama school. It was very good hangover TV and you just kind of get sucked into it and that's it, you're watching it," Jumbo told E! News on set of the hit CBS drama. "I've ended up on something where I know all the sets, all the characters, all the backstories, all the lamps, all the offices."

Once she actually got to work on the show, she said it was a bit "embarrassing" because she went total fangirl.

The Good Wife, Cush Jumbo


"I was completely starstruck by everything and it was embarrassing and all the crew kept laughing at me. I'd walk on somewhere and go, 'We're in Alicia's front room!' And they'd be like, 'You're so hilarious.' And I'd be like, 'Oh look, there's the lamp!' or 'There's the table!'… It took me a couple of weeks to calm down and stop being so embarrassing," she admitted.

Lucca and Alicia meet each other in bond court, a new area for The Good Wife. The two quickly defrost their relationship and begin bonding (in bond court, get it?) and their relationship will be different than any other female friendship that's come before it on The Good Wife.

"I think there are parts of Alicia that Lucca finds attractive because they reflect her own personality and she hasn't ever really had that challenge in her past before. In bond court [Lucca] is the only girl, she works the hardest, she gets paid the most, and no one can catch up to her. There's no one to challenge her and Alicia kind of does that. I think Alicia sees things in Lucca that kind of make her slightly have regrets about how much time she's invested in the work that she does and the fact that she maybe hasn't had as much fun as she should've had," Jumbo told us.

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The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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