For Tatiana Maslany's 30th Birthday, 30 People Who Are Outraged That the Orphan Black Star Hasn't Won an Emmy Yet

Canadian beauty who has played 10 characters (so far) on the BBC America series has a hardcore following

By Natalie Finn Sep 22, 2015 12:00 PMTags
Tatiana Maslany, Emmy Awards 2015John Shearer/WireImage

There are fans, and then there are Tatiana Maslany fans.

The Canadian beauty turns 30 today and she can rest assured that, while she doesn't yet have an Emmy win (and only has one nomination, but the no-nominations outrage has at least run its course) for her tour de force performance as 10 characters on Orphan Black, she at least has fans who sound as though they would gladly rip that Best Actress Emmy right out of the (also deserving) Viola Davis' hands and give it to her if they had the chance.

Intense, on-point acting in a series that would be a hot mess if the main character wasn't killing it sure breeds loyalty, doesn't it? Because Maslany's fans almost exploded with glee when she ate her first In-N-Out burger at the after-party, let alone mourned her Emmy loss.

Alas, during the ceremony, the Clone Club had to settle for watching their divine leader inhale a can of beans.

We of course have been decrying the lack of major-award recognition for Maslany for three seasons now; so, while we can't give her that Emmy either, we can present her with 30 people who feel that she was robbed—robbed!—at Sunday night's ceremony (and trust us, we could've given her 300):

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