2014 Emmy Nominations Snubs and Surprises: The Good Wife, Orange Is the New Black, Tatiana Maslany and More

The Emmy nominations are in and things are...interesting. Was your favorite left out? Included?

By Chris Harnick Jul 10, 2014 2:09 PMTags
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Another year of Emmy nominations, another year of "Yes! They did it!" and "Wait, where's Tatiana Maslany?! How could they forget?" The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, July 10 and boy are there a lot of snubs and surprises.

Orange Is the New Black shook up the Comedy race—in a good way!—and picked up a bevy of nominations. The Drama category predictably honored True Detective in almost every way possible, but left out critical darling The Good Wife. We know, whuck?! And now the rest of the snubs and surprises in no particular order…

1. Mariska Hargitay

After 15 years on the job, this Law & Order: SVU star delivered perhaps her best-ever work in the 15th season premiere. Yet the Emmys didn't take notice. It's OK, the fans sure did.

2. Tatiana Maslany
Hmm, did the Television Academy not want to rectify their mistake from last year? They're clearly not part of the Clone Club. Maslany should have all the Emmys, even Supporting ones!

3. Mindy Kaling
We kind of thought by having our favorite romcom-obsessed comedy star read the nominations it meant good things were coming her way…not so. Not even for her sublime acting this season. The Mindy Project found its way thanks to Kaling and…

4. Chris Messina
The Aaliyah dance. C'mon. Messina is comedy gold. He makes us have all sorts of feelings on The Mindy Project. Whatever.


5. The Good Wife
The Good Wife
had arguably its best season yet and stars Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski were honored with nominations…but not the show itself. Not even for writing. The Good Wife is doing all sorts of great things, yes even though it's on broadcast. Major snub. We're taking our rage to Twitter, see you there.

6. Michael Sheen
Yay for Lizzy Caplan, but what about her Masters of Sex partner in crime? It's Masters and Johnson, after all.

7. Dean Norris
Hank Schrader went out in a blaze of glory on Breaking Bad. Too bad the Emmys didn't take notice.

8. Elisabeth Moss
No love for Peggy Olson?! We know this season of Mad Men wasn't the greatest, but we always have love for Peggy.

9. Niecy Nash
OK, not a lot of people watched Getting On, we know that. However, Nash in particular did standout work on this HBO comedy and deserved some lovin' from the Academy.

10. Amy Schumer
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series is a tough category—yes, that's what Schumer would've been nominated under—but Schumer had a breakout year and deserved to be noticed.

11. Andy Samberg/Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Golden Globe winners for Best Actor in a Comedy and Best Comedy didn't get a nod from the Emmys this year, but his costar Andre Braugher did. Brooklyn and Samberg were on point all season….there's always next year?

12. Carrie Preston
Last year's Emmy winner for Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her work on The Good Wife is nowhere to be found on this year's list. She dealt with an anti-Sematic bear this year! That's gold right there. What gives?

13. Bellamy Young
Two words: Drunk. Mellie. Young turned in quite the performance as First Lady Mellie Grant on Scandal. She was hilarious, feisty, vulnerable and everything you want from a Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

14. Parks and Recreation
The Television Academy hasn't checked in on Pawnee in a while. They'll get one last chance to change that.

Nathaniel Bell for Netflix

1. Kate Mara

The House of Cards star got a nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series, but, well, spoilers: She barely did anything this year before dying.

 2. Lizzy Caplan
Not that we didn't want to Masters of Sex star nominated, but we're actually surprised because she got one! Nice job on this one, Academy.

3. William H. Macy
Moving Shameless to the Best Comedy category paid off. Nice to see the Gallagher clan getting some love.

4. Jeff Daniels
The Television Academy still likes at least one part of The Newsroom.


5. Downton Abbey
The period drama is a smash hit, that's for sure, but did it deserve to get nominated this year? Maggie Smith and Michelle Dockery were givens, but the show itself has had better seasons.

 6. Silicon Valley
Now this is a good surprise! The freshman HBO comedy picked up a nomination for Best Comedy. Now go forth and do your duty and binge watch it on HBO Go.

7. Kate Mulgrew
We expected Orange Is the New Black to get a nod, but the inclusion of Mulgrew for her work as Red has us tinkled pink.

8. Laverne Cox, Uzo Aduba and Natasha Lyonne
Aduba was a given for her work as Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black, but Cox and Lyonne also getting nominations for Guest Actress in a Comedy?! Break out the prison hooch and celebrate, their work deserves the recognition.

Michele K. Short/FX

9. Frances Conroy
Anybody who saw this season of American Horror Story knows Conroy was the standout player of Coven as the kooky fashionista witch Myrtle Snow.  She was the best. We miss her every day. Balenciaga!

10. Lena Headey
Cersei Lannister finally got her due. About time.

11. Fred Armisen
got some loving! It's deserved, but so far into its run is pretty surprising.

12. Kate McKinnon
A standout player on Saturday Night Live, McKinnon is up against some tough competition in the Supporting Actress in a Comedy category. Good thing she's also up for another Emmy for original song!

13. The Soup
Talk about a pleasant surprise! The Soup picked up a nomination for its True Detective episode in the Best Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program.

Check out the full list of 2014 Emmy nominees here.