This isn't quite what we expected from a Straight Outta Compton sequel, but we'll take it!

Ice Cube and O'Shea Jackson Jr. recently dropped by 2Day FM's The Dan & Maz Show to introduce N.W.A—Nannas With Attitude. These tough walkin' (or wheelin', actually) grandmas have rhythm—so much so, actually, that Ice Cube was "ready to shoot the movie" after watching only the first few moments of their surefire hit, "Straight Outta Aged Care."

The rapper and his son were such big fans of the parody that they happily introduced it for hosts Dan Debuf and Maz Compton. Both were in stitches (from laughing, that is) as together, they forewarned, "You are now about to witness the strength of geriatric knowledge."

You can (and should) watch "Straight Outta Aged Care"—and Ice Cube and O'Shea's reactions—in the clips above!

But to be fair, it doesn't seem all that likely that we'll get a Straight Outta Compton sequel starring these badass nannas. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Welcome to Death Row (based on a book and documentary of the same name) is being shopped to production companies now.  Per THR, Welcome to Death Row would follow the years after Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the late Eazy-E formed N.W.A. As of now, there reportedly aren't any music rights attached to the proposed sequel.

Ice Cube, please make it happen! And maybe some of those Nannas With Attitude can be extras!

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