Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, The Mindy Project

Beth Dubber/FOX

Oh, Chris Messina. We didn't think it was possible to love you any more than we already do. That scruff, those dance moves...Swoon City, population: us.

And now, thanks to The Mindy Project season three gag reel, we have a whole new reason to love you. We now know how it sounds when you cry. (Not for real, mind you. We'd never allow anyone to make Messina cry for real!)

Not only that, but we also get to watch as each of The Mindy Project stars break character. There's no greater joy than seeing seasoned comedy actors dissolve into giggles. 

Go ahead, press play on the video above now to watch a clip of the season three blooper reel...and make sure to have kleenex on hand. We laughed so hard we ended up in tears. (Not even exaggerating, that happened. You have been warned.)

And thanks to an intrepid The Mindy Project fan who uploaded the entire 17-minute long blooper reel from the season three DVD onto the internet, we also know that Messina is a repeat offender when it comes to breaking character. Check out the full gag reel here to watch him break into unadulterated giggle fits if you want to bring joy to your day.  

After watching these bloopers (on repeat because why not?!), we were reminded yet again that Hulu is our savior, much like Beyonce Pad Thai, for renewing The Mindy Project after Fox ruined everythingcanceled the comedy this spring. The (super-sized!) season four will now exclusively air on the online streaming site, and all 26 episodes will be released on a weekly basis, instead of all at once. Sorry, binge-watching addicts!

Mark your calendars now: Hulu will release the first episode of The Mindy Project season four on Tuesday, Sept. 15, with new episodes debuting each week after that. 

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