Deez Nuts supercut

Sick of candidates like Donald Trump and Jeb Bush spouting off backwards, outdated ideals about our great nation? How about giving your vote to Deez Nuts?!

Deez Nuts has been polling quite favorably in places like North Carolina and Minnesota, so much so that experts have said he is the most successful independent candidate for president in two decades. The trouble is that Mr. Nuts is actually an Iowa high school student named Brady Olson who is trolling everybody.

"My name is not Deez Nuts," he told The Guardian. "I am a 15-year-old who filled out a form, had the campaign catch on fire, and am now putting up the best third-party numbers since Ross Perot."

Even though he's well below the legal age for holding office, local newscasters still had to report on this ridiculous prank, which means grown adults awkwardly stumbling through the words "Deez Nuts." Deadspin put together a supercut of the reports, and just watching it is a glorious reminder of the American dream. If that dream is to watch people baffled oncamera by the term "Deez Nuts."


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