The 45 Most Important Observations From the GOP Presidential Debate

Republicans talk to God, people were very into John Kasich and Donald Trump doesn't like women very much

By Jenna Mullins Aug 07, 2015 5:36 PMTags
Canidates, GOP DebateAP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Hopefully everyone isn't too hungover from our GOP Debate Drinking Game. Scratch that. We hope everyone isn't too dead from our GOP Debate Drinking Game. Even if you went by only the Ronald Reagan rule you'd probably be about 65% booze right now. We can smell the alcohol seeping from your pores through our computer.

A lot of stuff went down during the Republican primary presidential debate, like Donald Trump refusing to remember all the horrible stuff he has said about women, a Facebook question about the candidates talking to God and a very interesting response from John Kasich about gay marriage. And by "interesting," we mean a Republican candidate actually sounded like a human being when talking about marriage equality. He was respectful, logical and that probably confused a lot of candidates onstage.

In case you missed the debate or did everything in your power to avoid it in order to retain some semblance of sanity, here are the most important observations made by the people who watched it (i.e. Twitter folks):

In short, if you weren't on Twitter during the GOP Debate, you missed what was probably the longest and funniest comedy bit ever. Sure, when you have a group of men who are running for King of America Land (at least that's what they think the position is called), mocking them is like shooting fish in a barrel. It just happens that those shots were expertly aimed each and every time.

We can't wait for the next one! See you guys there. We'll bring the guac. Jeb! will bring the $70 guac bowl