Amy Schumer Determined to Reduce Gun Violence, Says She Thinks of Lafayette Shooting Victims "Everyday"

Trainwreck star responds to an open letter about the movie theatre disaster

By Mike Vulpo Aug 03, 2015 1:37 AMTags
Amy SchumerIlya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Amy Schumer is not ready to forget about what happened in Lafayette, La.

Less than two weeks after a gunman opened fire inside a movie screening of Trainwreck, the Hollywood actress is speaking out and promising to make waves in the fight against gun violence.

It all began when Sarah Clements—who describes herself as a "student activist for safer communities" and a "daughter of a Sandy Hook survivor"—penned an emotional plea to the A-lister to make a different in the movement.

"We must work to shut down" the "same group of core ideologies" that create problems, including: "disgusting comments and harassment we receive on Twitter and other social media platforms, the obsession of many mass shooters (see the Isla Vista case) with anti-feminism and anti-women ideals, the over-idolization of firearms and fetishization of what they stand for, and the easy access to guns."

As it turns out, Schumer read the letter and couldn't help but respond.

Treylan Arceneaux via AP

"Her name was Mayci, not Marci and I think about her and Jillian everyday," the actress wrote on Twitter when recalling the two victims who passed away. "Don't worry I'm on it. You'll see."

Clements responded by writing, "Thank you again for responding to my letter about gun violence…Good luck!"

Schumer isn't the first Hollywood star to speak out on gun violence following the devastating shooting. Rebel Wilson decided to give followers a perspective from someone who has lived in Australia with far stricter regulations.

"I don't like getting political but America you really have to follow Australia's example re gun laws," the Pitch Perfect star shared on Twitter. "I don't remember a mass shooting in Australia since they overhauled the gun laws."

She added, "It seems like every week in America there's a shooting."

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