That awkward moment when you don't know what to do with your hands so you just start writing an email on an iPad that doesn't exist.

BBC Sports reporter Chris Mitchell confounded viewers recently when he signed off and then starting tapping away at device in his hand. Except for one thing…there wasn't anything in his hand! So he was just starting intently at his palm and tapping nothing. We think it's one of the most bizarre things we've ever seen on a news broadcast, and that is saying a lot

Here are a couple things Mitchell could have done besides play with a completely invisible iPad:

•Stand there with his hands folded
•Stand there with his hands behind his back
•Stand there, smiling at the camera
•Stand there, sternly looking off into the distance like he was thinking about important sports stuff
•Stand there doing literally anything else instead of playing with a completely invisible iPad!

We like to imagine the director saying into his earpiece: "OK, Chris. We're off the air now. But hey, about how next time you don't just start tapping into your palm like a crazy person? We can work on that for next week."

On the plus side, this moment did give us the perfect GIF to describe when you share an elevator with a coworker and you haven't had your coffee yet so you pretend to look busy to avoid conversation so you just kind of:

BBC imaginary ipad GIF


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