Denver FOX Show, Penis Pic, Horror

(WARNING: If you click on a headline about a local news station showing a picture of a penis, you're probably prepared to see a picture of a penis. Not sure what else you'd be expecting. But anyway, consider this post NSFW.)

Local news: Come for the bloopers, stay for the d--k pics! 

We're keep the setup short so you can get right to the penis (and also because even with the context, you'll still have literally a million questions): Anchors on a Denver Fox affiliate, KDVR, were discussing the tragic helicopter crash in Seattle and scrolling through pictures on Twitter. Somehow the twitpics progressed from the helicopter crash to Edward Scissorhands to an omelet to a FULL-ON PENIS.

(If the video doesn't work, watch the penis over and over again on Vine.)

While the penis of it all is great, the utter horror on the other news anchors' faces is the real gem of this video. Priceless! It's worth noting that this is a Fox affiliate and not Fox News, but we kind of wish it were the latter because those reactions would have been hiiiiilarious.

It appears that "LocalTV LLC." is quickly trying to pull the clips offline, but be it a viral video of your news program showing porn, or that pic of your penis you were tweeting someone, what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Forever.

P.S. Who is tweeting people pictures of their penis?! Kids, at the very least, DM them.

(H/T DeadSpin)

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