Kaitlyn Bristowe Tries on Wedding Dresses, Bets $1,000 She Will Not Break Up With Fiancé Shawn Booth

Bachelorette couple defends their love on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

By Zach Johnson Jul 28, 2015 12:56 PMTags

Kaitlyn Bristowe isn't wasting any time planning her wedding!

After Monday's The Bachelorette finale revealed that Shawn Booth had proposed, the newly engaged couple appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss their relationship and future plans together. Prior to their appearance, in a pre-taped segment that kicked off the episode, Bristowe went wedding dress shopping with host Jimmy Kimmel and sidekick/parking lot security guard Guillermo Rodriguez.

Every girl's dream, right?

"For Guillermo and I, fashion is our passion," Kimmel joked. "So we decided to pitch in and do what we do best, which is to take Kaitlyn to buy a wedding dress." Together, the trio headed to a bridal salon in West Hollywood. Bristowe said she didn't want a "poofy" gown, but she did hope to find a dress that was "lacy," "bohemian" and "sexy—but not too sexy." After Lovely Bride owner Rebekah Charles said she had some non-traditional color options for Bristowe to consider, Kimmel joked, "I think that's very rude. Have you been watching the show? Is that why you told her she can't wear a white dress? I mean, really! We are very offended by this." The bride-to-be played along and told Charles, "I've had enough."

Rest assured, Charles had white options, too.

Rodriguez then complimented Bristowe's figure. "Isn't he a horny little sweetheart?" Kimmel joked. After Bristowe went into the dressing room, Rodriguez said, "This is going to be boring. I hope she doesn't take forever." To pass the time, he pulled out two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. Cheers!

Bristowe didn't like the first dress. "It looks like you were going to a hooker ballet," Kimmel joked. Rodriguez offered Bristowe a shot. "Maybe if you have enough of these you'll like it," Kimmel suggested. But, according to Kimmel, the next dress looked "like a tablecloth," and the next few weren't exactly winners, either.

Charles suggested Bristowe try something "more glamorous," prompting a bored Kimmel and Rodriguez to try on several different bridesmaids dresses. "It's really flattering in the breast area. It really brings out the chest hairs," Bristowe said of a blue number. After modeling a purple dress for Bristowe, Kimmel joked, "I feel like if Prince got married, this is what his mother would wear to the wedding."

Bristowe didn't want to hurt their feelings.

"I don't want my bridesmaids looking better than me," she said.

Did Bristowe find the perfect dress? Watch the first video to find out!

Later on, Bristowe and Booth vowed to stay together.

"I don't want to put too much pressure on you guys, because I know there is a lot of pressure. I'm thinking about myself here. Every year, twice a year, for like 13 years now, we've seen people get together, and then they come on the show," he said of past Bachelor and Bachelorette couples. "They seem to be very much in love, they're touching each other, etc.—all those things that people are supposed to do. And then next thing you know, we see them on the cover of a magazine with a tear down the center. For all of us, because quite frankly my heart can't take it anymore, I would like you to make a pledge." If they break up before July 27, 2016, Bristowe and Booth each agreed to pay Kimmel $1,000, "which he may collect in a lump sum or over the next 30 years in monthly installments of $2.77."