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UPDATE: In a letter dated August 7, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered the company to take the Instagram photo down.

"The Office of Prescription Drug Promotion…has reviewed the Kim Kardashian Social Media Post," the letter begins by stating. "The social media post is false or misleading in that it presents efficacy claims for DICLEGIS, but fails to communicate any risk information."

Robert Dean, the division director of the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion, wrote,"The social media post, however, entirely omits all risk information."


Kim Kardashian was sick of dealing with morning sickness.

Thankfully, the 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's doctor prescribed her Diclegis, an FDA approved medicine used to treat pregnant women who are suffering from nausea and vomiting.

"OMG. Have you heard about this? As you guys know my #morningsickness has been pretty bad. I tried changing things about my lifestyle, like my diet, but nothing helped, so I talked to my doctor," the mom-to-be wrote in an Instagram caption Sunday. "He prescribed me #Diclegis, I felt a lot better and most importantly, it's been studied and there was no increased risk to the baby. I'm so excited and happy with my results that I'm partnering with Duchesnay USA to raise awareness about treating morning sickness."

Kardashian told fans to "be safe and "ask your doctor about the pill." Diclegis has not been studied in women with hyperemis gravidarum, a condition that Kate Middleton suffered with both pregnancies.

As Kardashian noted, there are things to consider before taking Diclegis.

The most common side effect of the drug is drowsiness.

Diclegis should be used with caution in women who have asthma, narrow angle glaucoma, a stenosing peptic ulcer, a pyloroduodenal obstruction, a bladder-neck obstruction or increased pressure in the eye. Do not take Diclegis with alcohol or sedating medicines, including antihistamines, opiates or sleep aids.

The expectant E! reality star most recently tweeted about her bout with morning sickness in late June, writing, "Wait wait wait I thought this nausea thing was supposed to be gone by now!!!! UGHHHHHH."

Even while under the weather, Kardashian honored her work commitments.

In June, when her morning sickness was at its worst, she told E! News, "I'm definitely going to slow down a lot after this. You know, I have a couple more months at least that I think I'm good to travel."

Kardashian has discussed other depressing details of her second pregnancy, like her struggle to conceive with Kanye West. "I didn't know that I was going to be so open with [my fertility issues]," she said in Glamour's July issue. "But meeting people at my fertility doctor's office who are going through the same things I'm going through, I thought, 'Why not share my story?' It's been really emotional."

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