Amy Schumer Reveals Her Crazy Strict Diet Plan for Trainwreck—And It's Not What You Think!

Actress' film Trainwreck hits theaters on Friday

By Lily Harrison Jul 16, 2015 7:25 PMTags

Forget the liquid diets, or logging hours and hours into the gym, Amy Schumer spills the beans on exactly how she got into tip-top shape for Trainwreck. Sorta…

The comedian stopped by Live With Kelly and Michael and spoke all about how movie execs suggested she shed a few pounds before beginning filming the highly anticipated movie.

"They want it to be your idea, [but] they were like, 'How do you want to look for the movie?' And I was like, oh scarves and blazers and they were like, 'No, maybe skip a meal,'" she said while holding back laughs.

And that's when they got her a professional trainer, someone who "trains everybody like all the Hemsworths and Megan Fox and actual foxes," according to Schumer.

"He walked in to meet me for the first time and I could see him kind of assessing the damage. And he's looking at me up and down and he's looking at me like he would look at a burn victim to try and be brave for them, you know?"

After a brief chat about her weekly habits—like how often she drinks—the trainer gave her a strict nutritional plan to follow.

"I got my meal plan which was like, a smoothie for breakfast, and then like for lunch you journal about that smoothie…like, there's no food!"

The Emmy nominee added, "That's the Hollywood secret! Don't put food in your dumb mouth! I'm proud to say though, I did lose three pounds. You can have it all!"

Editor's note to Amy Schumer: Never change!