This is kind of like Katniss' war cry in Mockingjay: "If we burn, you burn with us!" But instead of rallying troops during a war, it's rallying ridiculous fans while Ariana Grande gets bad press for ignoring basic human decency.

By now you've definitely seen the video of Ariana "Left Side Only" Grande putting her tongue all over the doughnuts sitting on trays at Wolfee Donuts. You know, the same doughnuts that people buy and ingest. But you guys, she's like, so sorry about licking food and disrespecting employees, OK?! She also said she hated America, and why wouldn't she hate a country that is filled with people who have made her rich? The nerve.

Anyway, fans of Ms. Grande are trying to show support for their singer by posting their own doughnut-licking pictures. The message of solidarity? "If she licks, we all lick!"

Also a useful title for Ariana Grande's inevitable memoir. 

So here are some of the photos fans are posting on Instagram to let their idol know that they stand with her, even when she violates health codes:

As you'll notice, nobody is actually licking any doughnuts. It's all Photoshop and emojis. So we have to ask: if fans of Ariana really, truly think she's a victim in this situation or that it's being blown out of proportion, why aren't you going into doughnut stores and licking the shelves of sugary treats just like she did?

"Because that's gross," is probably your answer.

Exactly. Look, Ariana Grande is super talented and still young and making mistakes, like we all have in the past. That's fine. Just don't support something she did that was clearly wrong and affected a lot of other people negatively, i.e. the doughnut shops' health rating went down after this stunt. Support her career, buy her albums, show up at her concert…just don't lick doughnuts for her.


A Britney Spears super fan who did not jam an umbrella into a car windshield while yelling "if she smashes, we all smash!" back in 2007

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