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For many, there is no greater joy than motherhood, and that seems to be the case for Vanessa Lachey

The mother of two, who welcomed her second child, daughter Brooklyn, in January, caught up with E! News on Tuesday to chat about family life, her doting husband and even the possibility of baby no. 3 as part of her partnership with Popsicle for the company's new superhero campaign. 

"The second [child] has been different just in the sense that it's nonstop, but I love that," the 34-year-old star, who is also a mom to son Camden, 2, shared. "It's busy and it's chaotic,'s what I've wanted and it's all I know right now and on top of all of that, I have the most amazing supportive husband."

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Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Instagram


Lachey (nee Minillo) is of course referring to husband Nick Lachey, whom she wed in 2011. Asked if her 41-year-old hubby is a "hands on dad," the proud wife gushed, "Oh absolutely, he's the best." 

"I one-thousand percent know I couldn't have done this without him," she said. "And that's why I married the guy. It's a partnership and when he's busy in New York, I'm on mommy duty one-hundred percent and when he comes back, we share the duty and when I'm doing stuff he's on daddy duty one-hundred percent.

"So, it's just so comforting to have that support system," she continued, adding, "Every single day I'm grateful for him, but I'm also grateful to the single parents out there who do it. It blows my mind." 

As for how Nick and Vanessa keep the spark alive with two little ones?

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Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Brooklyn Lachey, Camden Lachey, Instagram


"We do have date nights and we try to make that a priority…Last night, we made it a point to get dressed, go out to dinner and truth be told, sometimes you're just so exhausted the thought of putting on makeup and getting dressed and putting on heels is the last thing you want to do. But once you're in the car, and out of the house, then you're appreciative of it…it's something that you need to put as a priority and it's something you need to make happen." 

When it comes to Camden (who adorably refers to himself as "Camden America") being a big brother to Brooklyn, Lachey said she heard "horror stories" but noted that she and Nick were "super prepared." 

"We have done everything we could to assure him that he's a big brother, to let him know that she is coming to share our love," she said, calling her 5-month baby girl her "mini me." 

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Vanessa Lachey, Nick Lachey, Instagram


So, do the two have any plans for baby no. 3? 

"Of course we talk about it...I think ask me in a year, because right now I'm still relishing in newness of Brooklyn and Brooklyn and Camden together," she shared. "Nick and I are not the type of people to say 'we're done!' or ‘we're going for more!' At this point in our lives, we're super happy and content."

She added: "If we're blessed with no. 3, it's just going to be that much more exciting. If it happens, it happens!"

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