Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't ready to cast his vote for President just yet.

The former California Governor has proven that a Hollywood star can find success in politics. But just because he was voted the Governator doesn't mean every famous face can handle Washington D.C.

While promoting his new movie Terminator Genisys over the weekend, Schwarzenegger was asked about Donald Trump running for president. Turns out the actor isn't ready to make a decision—good or bad—just yet.

"I'm not having any opinions about any candidates right now other than there's some good ones there and I think that people will weed out [the bad ones] as time goes on," he shared with E! News before his film is released Wednesday. "I think a lot of them will make a lot of noise and say outrageous things so they can be heard."

He continued, "And they sometimes will say crazy things and sometimes smart things so that's the way it's going to be."

So no names, Arnold? Spoken like a true politician!

One cause Schwarzenegger is happy to show his support for is same-sex marriage. Recently, the Republican added a rainbow filter to his official Facebook profile picture.

After one follower criticized the actor for his gesture, Schwarzenegger replied "Hasta la vista."

Donald Trump, Good Morning America

ABC/ Lou Rocco

"We communicated. That's the great thing about social networking and all that," he shared. "People express their opinions. I express mine and everything is just dandy and fine and the world watches it."

As for the potential voters who still aren't ready to recognize equal rights for same-sex couples, Schwarzenegger thinks it may be best to just give them time.

"I can understand when people are not with the program and when they don't feel the same way. Everyone has their right to have their own opinion," he explained. "Mine is that it is time now. We all have grown up. It's time now for equality and to give everyone the same shot. I think we have to fight for that." 

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