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Let the record show: Ben McKenzie still gets emotional when talking about Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood of The O.C. Because he's a human. With eyes. Who witnessed the same four seasons of BFF perfection we all did.

So is there any chance we might see Adam Brody (Seth) and Ben (Ryan) together on screen for some type of O.C. reunion?

"I don't know," Ben tells me. "I saw Adam recently, and you know, I hope so. He's a great guy."

Saw. Adam. Recently. He. Hopes. So. Let's just savor those words for a moment, you guys. With Adam set to be a new dad and all, we can only hope they are hanging out all casual and pajama-style, a la their first meeting, playing video games and brainstorming Seth-Ryan reunion scenes....

Something else to savor: Ben has some very strong feelings when it comes to Seth and Ryan and how they rank among the Best TV Bromances of All Time. 

Upon mention that we here at E! Online are working on such a feature, Ben got instantly protective, telling me: "If Ryan and Seth are not the best bromance of all time, I'm gonna need to talk to the editor..." 

You can check out how Seth and Ryan ended up ranking among the likes of Adam and Blake, Sam and Dean, Chuck and Morgan and more in our TV's Best Bromances gallery right here:

And for scoop on what to expect in Gotham's season two--and Ben's hilarious O.C. connection with Gotham co-star Morena Baccarin, check out this fun video interview with Ben...

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