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Could there really be a Gilmore Girls reunion in the works? According to Scott Patterson, that might not be such a far-off dream.

The cast is already planning to reunite at next month's ATX festival in Austin, Texas, but Patterson recently appeared on the popular Gilmore Guys podcast to give us a little bit of hope for something more.

"There are talks going on at the moment," Patterson revealed. "I can't really go into any detail, but there is some activity. So I'm hopeful, and you know, I'm in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration. They deserve it."

Could it be?! We are so skeptical, but we want to believe.

We're already psyched for the show's panel at ATX, and just the very idea of finally finding out what Amy Sherman-Palladino's final four words for the series were supposed to be is making us giddy. It sounds like Patterson feels very much the same way. "This is what the fans deserve," he said. "They do deserve a resolution. They waited seven years for a wedding they never got. That's a bitter pill to swallow if you're a lifelong fan." 

Patterson also revealed that there were talks last year for a film that didn't work out, but he seems hopeful for any form of a reunion.

"I think there's a lot of territory left unexplored that we could explore in a limited series or a TV movie or feature film, whatever that may be," Patterson said. "I think it really just comes down to the script. I think everybody would jump on board."

It seems that he might be right about that. When E! News talked to Lauren Graham just before the end of Parenthood (sob!), she seemed fairly open to the idea of reuniting for more than just a festival panel.

"Now I sort of weirdly crave it," she said of those fast-paced Gilmore Girls scripts. "I'm always conflicted about [a Gilmore reunion]. It wasn't a satisfying ending. And with all this time that's gone by, would you actually feel disappointed because it wouldn't be the thing you'd wanted all this time? I don't know."

Part of the reason the ending of the show was so disappointing to some people was due to the departure of its creator, Sherman-Palladino. During his Gilmore Guys appearance, Patterson also got candid about what that final season was like without her.

"It was a completely different atmosphere" after she left, according to Patterson. "Totally, 100%, 180 degree difference. I'm not saying it was good or bad, it was just completely different."

As for many reviews that said the show was just never the same in its last season, Patterson agreed.

"There were a lot of talented writers on that staff, but you know that's Amy's voice. You can't duplicate that. It's just asking somebody to do too much."

Patterson seemed sure, however, that if the script were right, Palladino would also return for the reunion to finally give fans the ending we had always been promised. 

Honestly, just take our money now. All of it. We will give up all 12 of our dollars if we can have more Gilmore Girls in any form. We'd even take a short YouTube video, or a Vine, as long as there's time for those last four words.

For the record, ever since they started their podcast around when Netflix added all seven seasons of the show, the Gilmore Guys (Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe) have been campaigning for a reunion (perhaps centered around that wedding we never got to see), starting with the "super simple" hashtag #GilmoreGirlsOnNetlixOrPerhapsAnotherStreamingProviderHBOIsAcceptable.

You can listen to the podcast and Patterson's entire interview on iTunes

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