Beethoven? The Homeward Bound Trio? E! News' Top 9 Movie Animals Will Melt Your Heart—Watch Now!

Dogs, cats, fish, dinosaurs and more—check out all the cuteness

By Rebecca Macatee Apr 29, 2015 8:10 PMTags
Watch: Our Top 9 Favorite Animals in Film

Animals are better than people—sometimes even in the movies!

OK, fine, humans are technically animals, but we're talking about the cute, cuddly critters who show up onscreen, make their way into our hearts and don't happen don't fall into the homo sapiens species. Like Beethoven, the enormous and adorable St. Bernard who first won us over back in 1992!

And who could forget Homeward Bound? (If you haven't seen the original and the sequel, please go back and relive your childhood.) How fantastically feisty was Sassy the Himalayan cat? And remember Chance, Peter's loyal, wise Golden Retriever? And then there was Chance, the mischievous American Bulldog who still had a lot to learn! They're all so lovable, but here's where things get hairy: Only 1 of the 3 was selected as one of E! News Top' 9 favorite movie animals!

In the video above, you'll see who we ranked top dog, top cat, top pig, top dinosaur and so forth! The competition was fierce (and ridiculously cuddly, in some cases) but only 9 could make the cut.

Watch the clip above to see if your favorite animals in film made the list!

Who do you think is the best animal in film ever?! Sound off below!

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