BRB, currently applying to this school. Ugh, this guy teaches math? That's the one subject we loathe. Any chance he can start teaching gym? Can you major in gym?

The point of that incoherent rambling is to talk about the discovery the students at London College made recently about their teacher. They were sitting in his class, admiring this guy's chiseled cheekbones, perfect hair and piercing eyes, listening to him talk about…whatever it is math teachers talk about in college (Isosceles triangles? Long division?), when student Arief Azli decided to do what any human would do to creep on a complete stranger.

He Googled him. A+ to you, Arief because what you found is just remarkable.

Post-workout selfie

A photo posted by Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli) on

The teacher, Pietro Boselli, also happens to be a smoking hot male model. And after seeing all these shirtless photos of Pietro, we're genuinely pissed that none of our professors looked like this. Where is the justice?! Maybe our attendance record would have been better had our teachers been models.

Thanks, Obama.

According to his Instagram, Boselli was crowned the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014 and currently has a modeling contract with Models1. He also has a PhD in Engineering, thus making him the perfect package. You can make the obvious package joke here if you'd like.

Pietro is gorgeous and all, but he still doesn't hold a candle to the hottest teacher of all time:

Indiana Jones GIF
Indiana Jones GIF

Professor Jones, you can be the raider of our lost ark any day.

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