Is This Guy the Hottest Security Guard in the World? (Answer: Almost Definitely)

Guilherme Leão is a subway security guard in Brazil, which means we are moving to Brazil

By Jenna Mullins Mar 27, 2014 9:55 PMTags
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The alternate title to this article: Why We're Moving to Brazil Immediately

This is Guilherme Leão, a subway security guard in São Paulo, Brazil. And as you can tell by the photos, he is quite attractive.

Now that we described his looks in a classy and polite way, we can throw in some less-than-classy phrases:

He's got a face that'll make you want to slap your grandma.


It's fitting that he's a security guard because he's got "fine" written all over him.

We want to be on him.

Sorry, we had to get that out of our system because look at him! Guilherme, 22, became an Internet sensation after he was voted Hottest Guard. How in the hell does anyone make their train when that guy is walking around in a uniform looking like he does? 

He reportedly has trouble finishing his daily rounds because fans constantly stop him for photos. Subway groupies? Awesome.

Luckily for us, he has an Instagram account and isn't afraid to post selfies of that perfect mug of his.

We always thought firefighters held the title of Sexiest Profession. But if there are more people that look like Guilherme in security guard uniforms, maybe we should rethink that notion? Looks like the only option we have now is to hold a worldwide Hot Guys in Uniform competition.

In short: There is finally a good reason to ride a subway besides saving money, convenience and the people watching.

Congrats on your face, Guilherme!

(H/T Buzzfeed)