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It was the original crime against pop music.

Let's all travel back to a time when the Spice Girls were on top and all was right in the world. "Stop" was your favorite song to sing and dance to, but "Mama" was the ballad you turned on when you just needed a friend. But at the height of it all, Geri Halliwell, AKA Ginger Spice, shattered our hearts and dreams when she decided to leave the British girl group, ushering in the Dark Ages for fans everywhere.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook didn't exist when the world came to a screeching halt on that sad day in 1998. Kids everywhere had to hook up their phone lines to log onto AOL at a snail's pace to mourn among their peers, with away messages involving lyrics from "Never Give Up on the Good Times" or "Viva Forever."

But the world eventually got over it...until Wednesday.

One Direction, February 2014

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The world experienced a similar trauma when Zayn Malik announced that he would be leaving One Direction permanently. The world stop spinning, Twitter exploded and 1D fans everywhere cried more than just a single tear for the painful loss. Even fellow Directioners Liam Payne and Harry Styles had trouble containing their emotions over their pal's exit, crying onstage during their concert and tweeting about their sadness.

But in the ultimate example of George Costanza's "worlds colliding," Geri posted a cryptic tweet after Zayn's news broke, which seemingly looks like it's directed at the 22-year-old who also broke our hearts.

"Hello, thinking of you. Hope whatever is going on in your life it's going well.  X," she wrote.

Spice Girls

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Of course, we wish only the best for Zayn, but we have to know if Geri and Zayn did more than just tweet! Is she giving him life lessons on how to deal with the sound of millions of hearts breaking? He said he wanted to live life as a normal twentysomething, but is all music off the table? We're not totally against a Geri-Zayn collaboration. Just give us answers, pop music gods!

We can't help but notice the same sad similarities between both stars' departures. Both left at the height of their successes, and spokespeople for both assured fans that Spice Girls and 1D would continue onwards. But if our gal-pals are any indication, it might not be too long before we say goodbye to the boys. Especially if Harry wants to become a Hollywood star...

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