"The next level" isn't coming, Jeremy Piven...it's already here!

Entourage debuted another trailer for its first feature-length film, and it has all of the Hollywood glitz, glamour and partying the hit HBO show once provided viewers. Although Piven's "next level" could be referring to his new position as studio head, it could also very well be referring to the insane number of celebrity cameos the trailer manages to squeeze into the extended look.

In addition to calling out specific celebrities by name, including Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, Ed O'Neill, Warren Buffett and more, we also spotted Haley Joel Osment, Armie Hammer, Mark Wahlberg and Bob Saget! The series also had its fair share of cameos, but this movie definitely looks to be trying to break a record!

Entourage takes place right where the 2011 series finale left off, but now Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) not only wants to star in a new movie but also direct it, much to Ari Gold's (Piven) chagrin. But when Vince starts to go over budget, Ari and co. start panicking about the possibility of the movie becoming a box office bomb.

Entourage Trailer

Warner Bros.

"If this movie tanks, Vince will not come back from this, neither will I, and neither will you," Ari warns.

But it looks like Ari is going to have to handle a lot more than Vince's constant spending woes, as it looks like E's (Kevin Connolly) pregnant gal-pal Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) will "pop any second," and Lloyd (Rex Lee), Ari's longtime assistant-turned-agent, is getting married! Vince is also now a DJ-director (oh boy), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is even skinnier (although the ladies are quick to ask, "Didn't you used to be fat?").

Entourage hits theaters June 5, but the movie's star told People, it's "worth the wait."

"I would almost give a money-back guarantee," Grenier, 38, said of how good his film is. "If anybody doesn't like this movie, they can tweet me, and I will consider giving them their money back...If they can give me a reason that I think is legitimate."

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