Jimmy Kimmel Says He Gained 9 Pounds in Just 8 Days—See the Shocking Proof!

Host opened up about his transformation on Monday night's show

By Lily Harrison Mar 24, 2015 5:51 PMTags
Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy and Guillermo Ate A LOT in AustinABC

A moment on the lips leads to a lifetime on the hips.

That's precisely what Jimmy Kimmel is learning after his recent trip to Austin for the annual South by Southwest Festival.

The late-night show host admitted to his audience Monday night that he and his trusty sidekick Guillermo had a ton of fun exploring all the fine cuisine the city had to offer—perhaps too much fun.

"I think Texas may have broken my stomach, I really do," he joked shortly before revealing that he gained nine pounds in just eight days.

"That's the weight of a human head, it's like I have another head. I can't…Even my yoga pants don't fit me anymore."

And to proudly show off just how much he ate during the week, he shared a collage of all the meals he and Guillermo chowed down on.

Kimmel's self-described Wall of Food features 36 different images ranging from pizza to pig's heads to tacos and even steak. Staying on top of Texas' top restaurants is like a full-time job, you guys!

"This is only a portion of the portions we had. Let's play like a 'Where's Waldo?' to see if you can spot a vegetable in the whole thing," quipped Kimmel. "This all went into us, Guillermo…The takeaway here is we're lucky to be alive right now, we really are."