Happy Endings Cast


Whatever the Happy Endings' writers Twitter account is counting down to, it's not a new season of the beloved series. At least that's what Casey Wilson said. The Marry Me star—but let's be real, she'll always be Penny Hartz in our hearts—appeared on a podcast and dispelled rumors about the countdown clock and what may or may not happen on April 1.

"I don't know. It's nothing to my knowledge," Wilson said. "I think it might be our writers assistant was joking around, and unfortunately I don't think it's a welcome joke for everyone," she said.

And she's right.

Fans—your beloved E! TV Scoop team included—got very excited about the prospect of more Happy Endings.

The ABC comedy lasted three seasons, but could never find an audience…and that's partly ABC's fault, but whatever, we're not bitter or anything. Wilson starred opposite Adam Pally, Elisha Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., Zachary Knighton and Eliza Coupe in the comedy. Most have gone on to other shows—Wilson's on Marry Me, Cuthbert is in NBC's One Big Happy, Knighton is in Fox's Weird Loners—but fans were given hope when Pally left The Mindy Project, Wayans Jr. announced his New Girl exit and Coupe's USA series Benched was shelved. Yet it's not what you were hoping. Probably.

"I don't love that he did it, to be honest...To my knowledge there's nothing moving forward, I'm still on a show…So nothing, sadly, and I apologize if it got anyone excited," Wilson said.

But Pally told The Huffington Post something a little different. "I can't tell you anything," he said. "I know as much as you." But when pressed, Pally revealed a bit more. "I'll tell you this: I know the origin of that Happy Endings countdown clock was not intended to be where it is headed. That's as much as I can give you."

E! News previously checked with reps for Netflix, Amazon, ABC, Yahoo, etc. and all denied anything was in the works. Our bet? The cast reunites for a web video of sorts to make sure the countdown and hype was not for nothing.

All eyes will be on that Twitter account on April 1, for better or for worse.

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