Shailene Woodley Is Still Homeless, Was Forced to "Upgrade" Her Suitcase After a Salmon Explosion—Watch!

Plus, Insurgent star talks about her recent trip to Indonesia

By Zach Johnson Mar 16, 2015 5:50 PMTags

Shailene Woodley is a worldly woman!

She received a substantial raise to reprise her role as Tris in Insurgent, the second installment in the Divergent series, but the actress still hasn't settled down. "Are you still living like a nomad, or did you finally buy a home?" Taraji P. Henson asked on Live! with Kelly and Michael Monday. "No, definitely haven't bought a place," she said. "I still live out of a suitcase. I'm ready to ground down again, though."

Michael Strahan asked, "How big is this suitcase?" Woodley was using a carry-on bag until recently. "I had some salmon in it and it exploded. I was like, 'Well, that doesn't work so well.' You can't wash salmon out of a suitcase, in case anyone's wondering! So I upgraded to a bigger one," the actress said.

"Were you going to be the person who opens up salmon on the plane?" Strahan asked.

"No way!" she said, joking that she would "go in the bathroom and open it" and "hope no one knows!"

When she's not working, Woodley likes to travel.

"I was in Indonesia earlier this year, which was my first time to Asia, to that side of the world," the actress told Henson and Strahan. "It was amazing! I didn't really know what to expect. I had two weeks off and so I was like, 'Where are we gonna go?' We went to Indo and it was beautiful. The oceans were so clean in the areas that we were at, and the people were so kind. The area that we were in, there were a lot of Hindus, and I had never been really around that religion, and it was so beautiful to learn about their practices. They're such grounded people and it was a really wonderful world they experienced."

Henson said, "I bet you had beautiful Buddhas there."

"Yeah, but even more so, everything was a prayer and everything was an intention. I bought a skirt and I went to grab it, and the woman was like, 'No! No! You can't have it yet.' She prayed on the skirt and then she gave it to me and she was like, 'This skirt is going to bless you, and whenever you feel like you can pass it on, give it to someone else.' It was just wonderful," the White Bird in a Blizzard actress said. "Regardless of what you believe and what religion [you practice], to have someone impart their beliefs onto you and then you can pass it on, but from like a very compassionate place. It was really neat."

Woodley was on the morning talk show to promote Insurgent, in theaters Friday.


"Tris in this movie struggles with PTSD," she said of her character's challenges. "She's grieving the loss of her parents and sort of being witness to this genocide of sorts, while also needing to find the tyrannical leader in order to take her out to restore peace to the civilization." Regarding the stunt work she did in the sequel, Woodley explained, "You do as many as you can before insurance says you can't...The first movie we got banged up a lot. This movie there wasn't anything too intense—little bumps and bruises."