Michelle Money, Cody Sattler, Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell, Sean lowe, Catherine Guidici

Getty Images, ABC

Chris Soules' search for his future wife is coming to an end. Maybe.

Over the course of 29 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there's been a lot of proposals. Like, a lot. But the amount of proposals that actually turn into marriages? Eh...let's just say the ratio isn't great.

And with Chris aka Prince Farming choosing between Whitney and Becca in tonight's finale, we thought it would be fun (and slightly sad, let's be honest) to take a stroll down memory lane and check in with all of the ABC hit franchise's couples over the years.

So which Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have been able to defy the odds? Click through our gallery below to see which pairs have made it work...and which have crashed and burned!

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