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The Bachelor's 19th season ends tonight, and we finally get to see if Chris Soules has gotten his happily ever after. Let the record show: We care more about this ending than is healthy or dignified for any human being, so we're just gonna pretend like it's no big thang.

And yet…IT IS.

From beginning to end, Chris has proven himself to be a stand-up, emotionally grounded guy and perhaps the most sincere Bachelor in the show's 13-year history. He wants happiness. And so want it for him.

The Bachelor

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So…Will it be Whitney? Or Becca

Don't worry, we aren't giving that away but here are 8 things to know about how the best season ever wraps up… 

1. Chris Is "In Love." Chris is still together with the girl he chose in tonight's season finale, and, as Chris Harrison puts it: "He's still in love and happy with everything he has done."

2. Chris Is Not Planning a Wedding—"Yet". "We're not really there yet," Chris Soules himself tells me. "We're working on getting there, and hoping, but not yet."

3. Chris Harrison Believes Chris and His Chosen Woman Will Get Married. "I think they will and I would bet your house and your job on it," Harrison tells me…..Wait? What? MY house and MY job? Harrison just laughs. "Look, I believe they are good together. I believe they are in love. But I also believed that when Andi [Dorfman] and Josh [Murray] got engaged, they were full-on head-over-heels in love, and I would have bet my house on them. I wanted to believe in them. And I felt the same thing about Ali [Fedotowsky] and Roberto [Martinez], and for some reason things didn't work out, and that's life, and we've all been there, and you have the best of intentions. Same thing with Chris. At the end of the show, he was in love with somebody, but what happens after that is life and now they have to deal with real world problems and real issues and that's the messy part."

The Bachelor

ABC/Terri Eddington

4. Chris Was Hanging Out With His Chosen Girl as Recently as a Week Ago. Enough said.

5. Chris' Chosen Girl Has Made Adjustments to Her Job to Be With Him. Another positive sign things are going well.

6. Chris Is NOT Insisting That His Chosen One Be in Iowa Only. Despite the season-long issue over his ladylove moving to Iowa and solely residing in his tiny town of 400, his view has softened. "We're working things out as far as a new lifestyle that is more flexible," Chris Soules told me recently. "We're really going back and forth between our two homes." And of course, now, they also will be spending quite a bit of time in LA now that Chris has been cast on Dancing With the Stars.

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7. Chris' Decisions, Throughout The Entire Process, Were Significantly Motivated By His Fear That No One Would Want to Move to Iowa. "He wants somebody and he is scared to death that this won't work," Harrison explains. "That when these women [saw] his barn and [saw] where they're going, they would run. It scared the hell out of him. He truly knew that this is as good a chance as he'll ever have."

8. Chris Isn't Expect to Pull Any Douchey Surprises or Switcharoos at the End. "I feel like at the very end," Harrison tells me, "everyone will say, ‘Good, bad, no matter what you think of all the choices he makes along the way, he left everything out on the field.' He really put his heart into this. He really put everything he had. He isn't a Juan Pablo. He wanted to walk away with a wife."

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Who Should Chris Choose?
Who Should Chris Choose?
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