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If you didn't already know, Twitter can be a hotbed for controversy, scandal and opinions, especially when it comes to live-tweeting shows.

The Bachelor has proven to be one of those reality TV shows that has gained a massive following that includes celebrities such as Anna Kendrick. While live-tweeting Chris Soules' foray into finding love, another celeb decided to give one of her tweets a "favorite," but it didn't sit well with the Into the Woods actress.

While many (or maybe just us) crave retweets, favorites and any sort of Twitter validation, it looks like Kendrick wants the digital compliments to come from anyone except Spencer Prattseeing as she threatened suicide as a result of his favorite!

She seemed to move on quickly because based on her tweets, it looks like she returned to gushing over Ashley S. The Pitch Perfect actress also seems to have a girl crush on Jade, who apparently "looks good naked." Her tweets sparked some conversation with Scrubs star Zach Braff, who responded, "@AnnaKendrick47 I haven't looked yet, Anna. Googling now. #blessedandhumble #PeterPanLive."

Despite her flair for Jade, Kendrick remains dedicated to Ashley S. LOL.


Chris Soules, The Bachelor

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Although the Up in the Air actress has picked and chosen her favorite contestants, she still has some words of advice for the Bachelor himself, who seems to prove a little awkward when it comes to interviews.

"Chris Soules: proof that no amount of media training prepares you for women who want real answers. #PoorSweetSillyMan #Bless," Kendrick observed.

Kendrick also found herself rooting for Kaitlyn Bristowe, which resulted in the most wonderful Twitter exchange between the two.

"Kaitlyn can do better. Like if my boyfriend left me for her, I'd get it. #TheBachelor," Kendrick tweeted.

When Bristowe saw the funny girl's tweet, she responded, "Can you leave him for me? "@AnnaKendrick47: Kaitlyn can do better. Like if my boyfriend left me for her, I'd get it. #TheBachelor"

Whom did you root for? Sound off in the comments below!

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