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Move aside, Norma Rae: There's a new crusader for justice in town. 

Her name is Natalie DeGraffenreid, and she has been wronged. Wronged! But, she's not just going to stand idly by while she believes her civil liberties are being stomped upon—she's going to set things right. By going straight to her local ABC affiliate. So, just what is this gross injustice? When you read what happened to the Dallas bride, you're not going to believe your eyes.

The story is this: A local stationery shop gave DeGraffenreid...wait for it...the wrong doilies on her wedding invitations. It all started back in January, when the bride-to-be hired local designer Art by Ellie to create custom invites for her impending nuptials. Since Natalie is a modern bride about town, she chose a cutting-edge design covered in lace doilies, paid a $500 deposit, and waited for the order to be filled. That's when trouble started brewing. 

The first sign of bad news came when only half (half!) the order was ready. Then staff from Art by Ellie apparently had the gall to inform her that they'd run out of the original doily design and would have to proceed with a slightly different doily design. But as Natalie told WFAA News, she didn't know how different until the final shipment arrived. We can't even bring ourselves to detail the bait-and-switch—you'll have to compare the images above for yourself.

Naturally, Ms. DeGraffenreid wanted justice—she was a mere 38 days from saying "I do," and she wasn't going to let someone give her slightly-less-swoopy lace and get away with it. She reportedly has so far refused to pay the remaining bill. Unfortunately for her (and maybe for justice?), Art by Ellie thinks that since they gave her the invitations, she owes them the money. They actually dared to insinuate that a slight change in lace doesn't matter.

Well, Natalie has something to say about that.

"It matters to me," she told WFAA. "I'm the bride, and I'm the one that paid for it."

Natalie isn't going to take this lying down. She's speaking out, in the hopes that other women won't have to go through the same pain that she's suffering. And she has a warning for future brides out there: Get every detail of every order in whatever contract you sign. "Hopefully you will not go through what I went through," she says. 

Chilling words, indeed.

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