Pop Culture's Most Rabid Fanbases

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We think it's appropriate since March Madness is upon us to really get into the spirit of the season.

And we're not talking about the basketball aspect of it; we're zeroing in on the "madness" part by putting pop culture's most rabid, fanatical, obsessive, die-hard fandoms against each other to find out once and for all which celebrity, TV show, book franchise, etc. has the biggest army out there!

Before we get into the head-to-head knockout rounds, we need to pick 64 fandoms to get this tournament going. Below is a list of 100 fandoms that we find to have very legit followings. We can only take 64 for the March Madness-style bracket, and that job is up to you guys! Just pick your favorite fandom and the top 64 will go on to the next part of the tourney.

If we are missing a pop culture item that you think would be a crime against humanity to not include in the top 64, by all means, write them in the comments! If it gets enough votes, we'll throw them in as a wildcard.

Note: when we list TV shows, we also mean the couples/pairings from that TV show. So say you want to vote for Stefan and Elean (Delena) fans, just pick The Vampire Diaries. This is an all-encompassing kind of fandom we're talking about. If we started separating fandoms into shipper subsections it would just be an endless, maddening list.

Good luck and god speed:


This qualifying round ends this Friday, March 6 at 12 p.m. PT, and round one of the bracket tournament will launch on Monday, March 9! Flex those mouse-clicking fingers, because it's time for a good-natured fandom battle!

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