Happy National Cat Day, everyone! May your life forever be filled with purring piles of fur who always follow you into the bathroom...

1. Calling your cat your "child."

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Or your "baby." For example, this is the type of text you've sent to your significant other once in your life: "Honey, did you feed the babies?"

2. Having conversations with your cat.

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But we're talking about a conversation where you also do your cat's side of the conversation. Bonus points if they have their own unique-sounding voice. Probably of the high-pitched variety.

3. Giving your cat nine or more nicknames.

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Besides just shortened or different versions of your cat's given name, you also call them by different animal names like, "monkey," "bear," or "panda." And we all know that you use the terms "mittens" and "angel."

4. Buying your cats birthday and Christmas presents.

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It's hard to have a birthday party and invite other cats because that can get tricky. Cats are a territorial bunch and there will most likely be a lot of hissing. But you definitely get them presents like this or this.

5. There are more photos on your phone of cats than of humans.

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"Sorry, newborn niece, but my cat is sitting in a box all cute and I must take 14 photos of him!"

6. Crying helplessly at any rescue story, video, etc.

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You wish you could rescue every single cat on the street, so seeing people find stray kittens and give them homes fills your heart with so many feels that you have to cry just to get some of the emotions out. And watching all those videos leads to…

7. Donating money to at least four different cat shelters.

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 And when you're checking out at the pet store and the debit card machine asks if you'd like to donate toward helping a homeless pet? Yes. YES. YES!

8. You get into regular debates/conversations with people who say they aren't "really a cat person."

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They just haven't met the right cat! Off the top of your head and on the spot, you can drop at least 10 reasons why cats make amazing pets. First of all, they are so low maintenance…

9. You talk back to your cat when he/she meows at you.

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And often times you refer to yourself as third person mommy/daddy. "I know, mommy hears you! Mommy is going to feed you in two seconds."

10. It is a constant struggle to not adopt more cats.

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The general rule for "normal" cat ownership: less than or equal to the number of humans in the house. Unless you live alone, in which case, you can definitely have two because your Mittens needs a friend! And actually, get as many cats as you want. The more, the meow-ier! (Get it? Cat puns!)

11. Burying your face into your cat's fur and taking a big sniff.

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Weird? Probably. But you like the way your cat smells. And if you have more than one, you are adamant that they smell different.

12. Willing to spend ungodly amounts of money to make sure that their lives are perfect.

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You will go above and beyond and buy the best litter box, the most nutritious food and six different cat beds so your baby will never be without a fluffy resting spot. But we all know cats prefer the box the beds came in. Tip: on your next trip to Costco, grab a couple of the free boxes they have for packing your items and see if your cats fall in love with any of them. 

13. You offer other cat owners tips.

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See above.

14. Never, ever go to the bathroom with the door closed.

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You haven't enjoyed a closed-door bowel movement since you got your cats, because they will scratch at the door until you let them in. They  just want to be there with you, and you're fine with that.

15. Not moving a muscle if your cat falls asleep on you or is simply sitting on your lap.

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"Can you hand me my glass of water? I can't move or get up right now."

16. Coming home with something new for your cat any time you run errands.

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Well, you saw these snacks you knew your cat would love, and then you saw some toys on sale and then there was this really soft blanket that you had to get them…

17. Sit/sleep in uncomfortable, contorted positions to make room for your cat.

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Yes, it's super awkward to sleep with your legs at a weird angle, but you don't want to disturb your precious, sleeping kitten on the bed.

18. Share this article with other cat owners.

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Because you know they'll just get it. Be proud, because cat owners are the best.


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(Originally published on Mon., Jun. 30, 2014 at 11:10 AM PDT)

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