Fifty Shades of Grey Director Confirms She's Signed On for Sequels, Teases Sex Scenes as "Very Choreographed"

Jamie Dornan and Melanie Griffin reveal who may or may not see the film

By Mike Vulpo Feb 10, 2015 3:50 AMTags
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Who's ready for Fifty Shades of Grey?! 

We're less than a week away from the release of Hollywood's latest and greatest steamiest flicks that could just give moviegoers boners "bigger than you know how to handle." Hey, those are Jamie Dornan's words, not ours.

And while the hot movie hasn't even hit theatres nationwide, director Sam Taylor-Johnson is ready to film some more.

"I'm signed on," she told E! News when asked about any plans for a sequel. "Let's see how this one goes first."

Oh yes, so about that first one. Moviegoers will finally witness Christian Grey (Dornan) and Anastasia Steele's (Dakota Johnson) chemistry on the big screen. According to the director, the sparks flew almost immediately.  

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"The chemistry was funny because the two of them liked to out-funny each other. So there's this competition about who's the funniest," she explained to Maria Menounos. "When I saw that humor, I thought we have to build this into the movie. A lot of it came naturally…It just felt like it was right to take that journey into much darker places."

And by darker, she really means hotter and sexier. Fans can expect plenty of NSFW moments between the two lovebirds who prepared well in advance before cameras started to role.

"[The sex scenes] were very choreographed. It had to be choreographed because I didn't want to make them go through it [countless times]," she admitted. "It's an uncomfortable environment. You have to base it on trust. You have to build that trust to get there."

One person who may not be witnessing the scenes is Johnson's mother Melanie Griffith. Although she's very proud of her daughter for her accomplishments, this piece of work just isn't for her.

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"She's very clear and very fun and very level-headed and she knows what she's doing," she told E! News at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammys party. "[But] No, I won't be seeing it."

And by the sounds of it, neither will Dornan's wife. Although she's a talented actress and was supportive of her husband's role, the Irish actor assured us that the interest just isn't there.

"She hasn't seen the film," he admitted to E! News before confessing she will "definitely not" be watching it with him. "She has a deep understanding of work and how you get work and the process of making films. That is beneficial."

Find out what all the fuss is about when Fifty Shades of Grey hits theatres Valentine's Day weekend.

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