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Mila Kunis has found her ideal role—mom.

The actress gushed about motherhood and the positive changes that have happened to her since welcoming baby girl Wyatt with Ashton Kutcher four months ago during an AMA with Reddit users today. "It is the most life-changing experience you can have, in my opinion. EVERYTHING changed," she wrote.

"I am proud to be a stay-at-home mom. I have no desire to be in front of the camera. I find her to be the most challenging job I've had. The amount of love that you have, the type of love that you have, changes, the way you look at the world changes... everything has changed, because of her. I want an eco-friendly car, I want to compost everything, because I want the world to be better for her. And you have the opportunity to make a really great child for the world. Or a really great human being."

Mila Kunis, Ellen DeGeneres

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Kunis also revealed that she's already started introducing her daughter to Russian, and daddy Ashton is trying to do the same.

"Yes! Absolutely. I speak Russian to the baby all the time," Mila added. "My parents speak Russian to the baby all the time. And Ashton's taking Russian lessons."

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fun and interesting gems Mila revealed during her AMA. Here are some more highlights that we found particulary noteworthy:

1. She's a Fan of The Bachelor: "At the moment... I watch... well... it would be... WALKING DEAD, HOMELAND, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, and currently, I guess the only thing I have to watch is The Bachelor? But that's so depressing. It's the first season I'm ever watching it. But it's so addictive. I mean, it's unbelievably addicting. In all 15 seasons or so they've done this, I've never sat down to watch it. But now - oh my god, these women are crazy!"

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher

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2. Pregnancy Is Why She Didn't Do Ted 2: "Aw thank you so much. A little thing called "a pregnancy" got in the way of me and production. But I wish them all the best, and I'm sure the movie will be hysterical."

3. She Would Teach an Awesome Course: "I would teach a course... nobody should take any class from me, let's prefix it with that, but if you're forced to take any class from me... I could teach a class on 'How to be an awesome, badass chick who knows how to take apart & put together a gun blindfolded, make a four-course meal, and parallel park the shit out of a car.' I mean, don't you think? That would be my course."

4. She Loves Author AJ Jacobs: "AJ Jacobs - anything by him I really find fun, and easy to ready. I also really like - what's his name - Mitch Albom, anything by him I really like. He wrote a book called FOR ONE MORE DAY, I read it on a plane, and it really stuck with me, and I thought it was a really beautiful book - it starts out with him trying to commit suicide, and he ends up reliving a perfect day with his mom, and I've always loved that book. It was the first book that had a really significant impact on me. I got off the phone, called my mom and said 'I love you.' It's a really great book."

Mila Kunis


5. She'd Like to Do Brain Surgery: "My most random hobby is I like gardening. And if I could get a PhD in anything, I would like to be a doctor of Neuroscience... I mean, this is all in a hypothetical world, but that's what I would like to do. Brain-surgery. Yeah!"

6. On Working With Robin Williams: "Yes, Robin was a great guy, a great human being."

7. Her Advice to Her 14-Year-Old Self: "I would tell her to relax and not rush it."

8. The Most Attractive Trait in a Man: "I guess a sense of humor. Sense of humor is the most attractive quality."

9. She Thought About Being Teacher: "Before I had Wyatt, I would've been a teacher. I would have taught like first grade."

10. Natalie Portman's Special Connection: "She's a lovely kisser, very polite. But here's a little-known fact: there's one person in the world that both Ashton and I have kissed, and that's Natalie Portman."

11. Channing Tatum Is Really Sexy: "JUST AS DREAMY. Just as dreamy, ladies. Just as dreamy."

12. Ashton's Smell Is Man-ish: "He smells like a man. A real man! But he smells like a man. He does not wear cologne. But he makes sure he showers. Never offending. He has a very good natural smell about him, yeah."

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