Victoria Justice ''Really Glad'' to Clear Up Ariana Grande Feud Rumors—but Would They Ever Do a Duet?!

''I think people took my silence as being guilty and actually that wasn't the truth at all," she told E! News

By Alyssa Toomey Jan 22, 2015 5:02 PMTags
Watch: Victoria Justice Spills on Ariana Grande Feud Rumors

Days after Victoria Justice shot down rumors of an alleged feud with former co-star Ariana Grande, the Eye Candy star is clearing the air once again. 

Looking adorable as ever in a cream colored sweater, the 21-year-old star sat down with E! News on Wednesday and opened up about the fabricated reports, which first surfaced back in 2013 when the pair's hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious, came to an end. 

"I'm really glad that I was actually able to clear up those rumors," she said, reiterating that there's no bad blood between the two before revealing why she decided to shed light on the subject. "Those have been going on for a while, and I kind of had this mindset like, 'Ignore the haters, I'm not going to feed into this negative nonsense,' but I think people took my silence as being guilty and actually that wasn't the truth at all." 


Grande and Justice co-starred on Victorious from 2010 to 2013. Following the end of the series, the Fun Size star found herself on the receiving end of criticism as she embarked upon a solo tour around the time the sitcom wrapped. 

"I had nothing to do with Victorious not getting picked up again," Justice insisted. "I have a great relationship with all the Nickelodeon executives and my cast. And the tour not happening had nothing to do with me as well, other people didn't want to go on tour, it wasn't just because I went on a solo tour." 

Past history aside, both Grande and Justice have since embarked upon successful solo endeavors. The "Love Me Harder" singer has a number of hits under her belt and it was announced this morning that she's set to perform at halftime during the NBA All Star game. Meanwhile, Justice's new drama, Eye Candy, just premiered, and she'll appear in the upcoming comedy film The Outskirts

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Although the two are "not best friends," as the brunette beauty previously stated, she had nothing but kind words and well wishes for her former co-star. 

"So there's no feud with me and Ariana," she said, reiterating her previous sentiments. "She's doing great with her music and I wish her the best and continued success." 

But—would they ever re-team for a duet? Press play to hear Justice's answer! 

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