What Does the Royal Family Actually Do Besides Look Fabulous?—Get the Scoop on Their Royal Duties!

Learn about the responsibilities of the Royal Family

By Kamala Kirk Jan 22, 2015 11:17 PMTags

Believe it or not, there's more to royalty than just dressing up in fancy clothes, attending fancy parties, and wearing a crown!

In the trailers for E!'s upcoming series The Royals, which is centered around a fictional modern-day British monarchy, Queen Helena (played by Elizabeth Hurley) sure looks like a busy woman!

From throwing lavish banquets and parties to meeting with various state officials (not to mention keeping her own two kids out of trouble and offering guidance to her husband), she has a full plate and we're amazed that she still manages to look so fabulous at all times.

But have you ever wondered what real-life royals actually do? Life as a royal can't all be about fancy titles, beautiful clothes and those occasional crazy nights out (ahem, Prince Harry...)

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And with a little research, we found out that they actually do do things! From Kate Middleton to Prince Charles, members of the Royal Family must fulfill various duties to support Queen Elizabeth. And you'll be amazed at how many there are!

Here's what the royals actually do...

Public Ceremonies & Receptions

One of the main things the Royal Family does is attend various ceremonies and receptions, from meeting with big wigs like political ministers and ambassadors to attending formal dinners and social events.

This means there are lots of fancy events they have to get dressed up for!

Charity Events

Royals also participare in various charitable causes and patronages, supporting the Queen by helping carry out charity work and public service.

Each of the Royals holds various President/Patron roles for numerous charities, and some have even started their own organizations, like Prince Harry!

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Military Service

Royals are also actively involved with the military, from coordinating various projects to supporting disadvantaged young people and promoting welfare of those who have served in the Armed Forces.

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Swoon alert: both Prince Harry and Prince William served time in the military!

Harry has the rank of Captain in the Armed Forces, while William underwent helicopter training to later become a search and rescue pilot. We sure do love a man in uniform...

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Foreign Engagements

Royals also go on various engagements and foreign tours to establish and maintain diplomacy and international relations.

That's a lot of jetsetting and travel—we can only imagine how many passports (and private jet miles) they go through on a regular basis!

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Awards & Recognition

Another responsibility of Royals is to highlight and recognize the achievements of others by attending various award ceremonies and events, bringing attention to the outstanding individuals and their accomplishments.

Good thing they know proper dining etiquette for all those dinners!

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So maybe they don't just look fancy and party all the time...

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