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We are so not ready to say goodbye to Parks and Rec...and the series finale is looming closer and closer.

But after executive producer Mike Schur revealed his original ending for his NBC cult hit comedy at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour, we can't even imagine what he has planned for the series finale.

Because his previous plan for the ending? It's so. So. Good

Seriously, we're actually kind of sad we aren't going to see it come true!

"At one time, the end of the show was Andy [Chris Pratt] is the mayor," Schur told the room of reporters. "That's what we thought. He was going to shine everyone's shoes and everyone who meets him loves him, and that's why we kept him doing that for a while. And one point in season two or season three, we were like, ‘Andy's going to be the mayor someday!"

But now, the ending is going to be a lot more satisfying for longtime fans of the show.

"Everyone is there at the end," Schur revealed. "The last moments of the show are everybody in the same place at the same time."

Ugh, we're crying already. Schur also revealed that the final season of the series will be satisfying for both super-fans as well as new viewers. 

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"There are certain things that are going to happen this season that are going to be a lot more enjoyable for people who have been close watchers of the series," Schur said. "But the goal is always to have the story stand on its own regardless if you haven't seen the show before."

But the Parks and Rec panel didn't just focus on the series finale. The cast also jumped at the chance to reveal some surprising and (no surprise here) hilarious facts about their characters and the show that reminded us just why we love this show so much and will be so sad to see it go.

Pratt's favorite incarnation of Andy Dwyer: "I loved living in the pit. That was awesome. Having dirt fights and rock fights with bums and being dirty? That was just the best!"

DJ Roomba almost didn't make it on the show: "DJ Roomba, we almost cut all of it out of the episode," Schur said. "I just thought it was a distraction but I changed my mind and it blew up."

Amy Poehler hates Cones of Dunshire: "I hate Cones. It's so confusing, it gives me headaches. But it's really cool that people are raising money for [a real version on Kickstarter]. There's just so many rules!"

Jim O'Heir almost played someone very different from Jerry/Terry/Larry/Gary: "I initially auditioned for Ron Swanson [Nick Offerman], which seems crazy right now."

Parks and Rec airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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