Zoe Saldana, Marco Perego

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Sounds as though parenthood fits Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego like a warm, cozy glove.

The couple welcomed twin sons Bowie and Cy last month and we're hearing that they are loving their new titles: Mom and Dad.

"They are over joyed with the love Cy and Bowie have brought into their life," a source exclusively tells E! News about the family of four. "Zoe and Marco have gotten even closer during Zoe's pregnancy and first few weeks with their baby boys. 

"Marco has been such a loving supporting husband, helping Zoe around the house and taking care of her, giving her back rubs and a lot of sweet love," the insider says.

Zoe Saldana, Marco Perego


"Everyone in Zoe's family really thinks he is a wonderful man," the source continued with the scoop on the Guardians of the Galaxy star's artist hubby.

"Both babies are such an inspiration to his life and his artwork. He has a lot of his parents qualities" and he knows "what it is to be a great dad and provider. He is grateful he can give his babies certain things that were harder for him as a child. Both Marco and Zoe still want to raise Bowie and Cy with a down-to-earth," appreciative attitude. "Having good values is a must for them."

We're told that Mama Zoe is "feeling and looking great"—and her petite figure is almost back to pre-pregnancy form already.

Star Trek Into Darkness, Zoe Saldana

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"Zoe's been taking care of herself and exercising and eating healthy," the source says, adding, "She hasn't done anything over the top. It's mainly taking care of two baby boys, as that's a workout on its own."

And we know the actress is breastfeeding, or at least giving it a go! She tweeted Saturday, "So ladies- moms... Breastfeeding moms. What do you have to say about pumping??!!! #babies #Breastfeeding #breasts hurting!!"

Zoe's "sisters and friends are very helpful with the babies and they love being around," our source divulged. "Zoe is amazed every day when she wakes up and looks at what her and Marco created. She loves, loves, loves being a mom. Her main focus now is her boys, but she will be getting back to work eventually."

As for those little bundles of joy, our source says that Cy and Bowie are "stunning" and have a combination of both mom and dad's features.

"Everyone keeps saying these boys are going to be heartbreakers!" the insider gushes. "They both get along the best as babies can just being a few weeks old. They have a beautiful room that's very sunny and filled with many toys. They are both very happy children. Zoe and Marco always make them giggle with funny faces and tickle them. It's just a very beautiful time for the family!"

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