People Are Convinced Justin Bieber Padded His Crotch for His Calvin Klein Photo Shoot

People are really looking closely at the singer's underwear pics because something looks off

By Jenna Mullins Jan 07, 2015 6:10 PMTags
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Did you wake up this morning thinking that Justin Bieber's crotch would be plastered all over the Internet? If you didn't think that, then the wake-up call you must have had when you booted your computer up must have been equivalent to a bucket of icy cold water being dumped all over your body while you slept warm, snuggly and unassuming under your covers.

And God help you if you saw the picture before you got some caffeine in you.

So yes, Bieber's bulge (#BieberBulge, if you will) is featured prominently in his Calvin Klein pics and it's all over Twitter. Of course the general population is going nuts because he looks all ripped and muscular and bulgy. But there is a large crowd of folks who are starting to yell out a little louder so they can be heard above the masses who are merely shrieking with cat-in-heat glee. What are they shouting?

"Justin Bieber stuffed his crotch!"

We gotta say, the evidence against Justin Bieber and his padded bulge is very suspicious. Exhibit A:

It does look like a sock, a roll of nickels or perhaps a small woodland creature has been shoved down there to give the illusion of an impressive package.  And we're sure that in the underwear modeling world, this kind of thing is just part of the gig, just like wearing self-tanner and using excellent lighting.

But still, people on Twitter are calling the Biebs out on his seemingly padded or Photoshopped crotch area:

And then there are the people who accept that perhaps Justin got a little help in the pubic area and they just don't give a damn because OMG HE'S SEXY:

We'll leave this debate to you guys. Do you think Bieber's underwear shot was padded, stuffed or Photoshopped? Maybe all three? The hat trick of underwear trickery? Or just as he is?