Does everyone remember Old Spice's truly creepy commercial from last year? It featured moms having trouble letting go of their sons who are growing up way too fast thanks to Old Spice products.

If that doesn't jog your memory, maybe THIS WILL:

[Psycho shower scene score plays]

Old Spice Commercial

Yep. That's not something you easily forget.

Since "The Mom Song" went viral (and by "viral," we mean that no one was able to unsee it and the commercial played behind their eyelids when they tried to sleep at night), Old Spice has released a preview for their new commercial, "Dadsong," that brings the dads along for their ride. However, unlike the moms who are still mourning the death of their sons' childhood, these dads are excited about the prospect of their boys becoming men.

"Dadsong" will be released in full during the NFL games on Thanksgiving, but the above sneak peek is all you need to start your nightmares early. But before you ask, we'll just tell you what part of the commercial is the most horrific, just like last year's janitor monstrosity:

Old Spice DadSong GIF

Old Spice/YouTube


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