The Walking Dead


Carol and Daryl are back! We missed them so, and they've helped to answer quite a few questions we've been having. Plus, Emily and David continue to reunite like crazy on Revenge while we're left to wonder what the hell Louise is still doing there. Also, what on earth is happening on Once Upon A Time? All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: The Walking Dead: You wanted Carol and Daryl? You got Carol and Daryl! Tonight we found out what Caryl were up to on their quest to find Beth. It was a lot of walking through buildings and killing random walkers until they ran into Noah, who stole all of their guns before nearly getting them killed and having a bookcase fall on his leg. Daryl was ready to leave him, but Carol saved him at the last second, and he was able to reveal that he knew exactly where Beth was. Of course, as soon as he did, Carol got hit by a car and picked up by the evil hospital people who were also in the car. How convenient! 

RANT: The Walking Dead: Are we really supposed to believe that Carol and Daryl sat in that van as it got pushed off of that bridge and walked away with barely any injuries? Must have been some damn good seatbelts! 

Once Upon A Time


RANT: Once Upon a Time: That was one overwhelming two hour event! We think this is the general idea, maybe: Ingrid is totally cuckoo and thinks she can replace the sister she accidentally froze years ago, so she paid a guy with a magic-draining hat to make her a new sister, and then she got transported to 1982. Emma can't really be the sister until she can touch things without shooting crazy lightning out of her hands, so she tried to make a deal with Rumple to get rid of magic. At the last second, she decided to embrace her uniqueness, and now Ingrid is using magic ribbons to suck the magic out of Elsa and Emma in order to use her mirror to get the entire town to turn on itself. Anna also figures into this somewhere. Are we following this correctly? We're not the only ones having trouble keeping up, right?  

RANT: Once Upon a Time: Oh, and one of the few things that was keeping us going – the adorable relationship between Emma and Killian – is about to hit a snag, now that Rumple has possession of Killian's heart and has plans to kill him. No one touches Sexy Eyeliner Pirate Man and gets away with it!  

RAVE: Once Upon a Time: It will never not be hilarious to adults threatening other adults with scary hats.

RAVE?: Once Upon a Time: Does Ingrid also have a magical cleavage spell? Because, well… 



RAVE: Revenge: David told Amanda/Emily he's proud of her! However, he also told her he can't really be her father, and before that he angrily said he never asked her to help him by spending years using his journals to clear his name. David is definitely a little unhinged, but we shed a tear when he finally told present day Emily/Amanda that he loved her "infinity times infinity."

RAVE: Revenge: While David's going on and on about how it's too dangerous for Emily to be exposed to the guys who actually had imprisoned him, she's got one of them tied up, and she's torturing him with a hot poker. That's terrifying, but we're excited about finally figuring out where the hell David Clarke has been for like twenty years.  

RANT: Revenge: Meanwhile, we've gotten to the point where every word Victoria says makes us want to take a shower, or at least a drink. We have zero sympathy for her.

RANT: Revenge: We're so done with Louise it's not even funny. 

The Affair


RAVE: The Affair: Joshua Jackson, you dirty little minx! Turns out Cole and his family (including Alison) are dealing coke, and that was Noah's dealbreaker. After confronting Allison (in two completely different ways, depending on the perspective), he broke off the affair. While this probably won't actually be the end, given the title of the show, we have to say that we're momentarily relieved. These two are terrible together. 

RAVE: Madam Secretary: Finally! This is the episode we've been waiting for. There was no international crisis to wrap up in 45 minutes, just major headway with the underlying conspiracy story. This is the show we want to be obsessed with. Is the president behind Secretary Marsh's death? Our money is on the Secret Service agent who didn't get on the plane with the late secretary. Whoever is behind it, we're in to find out more. Less procedural, more conspiracy, please.

RAVE: The Newsroom: Maggie's life has gotten about a million times better, hasn't it? Clearly, we should all be taking Amtrak a lot more often if it's that easy to overhear major stories and get hit on by cute professors. Kat Dennings was also in this episode, and Kat Dennings is great. 

RAVE: The Good Wife: Why is someone ordering Cary dead?! Check out our recap here

RANT: Homeland: If you kill Saul, we will revolt! Check out our recap here

So what did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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