13 Times the Toy Story Franchise Made You Weep Uncontrollably

If you didn't cry ridiculously hard when all the toys started holding hands as they went into the furnace, you are not human

By Jenna Mullins Nov 23, 2015 2:00 PMTags
Toy Story Pixar

Happy (belated) 20th birthday, Toy Story! You are almost old enough to legally drink! How exciting.

And the journey for the Toy Story franchise is far from over. Toy Story 4 is in the works, so Woody, Buzz and the rest will be back soon for another adventure.

And by "adventure," we mean a film where these toys and their stories make us feel feelings so intensely that we will cry behind those stupid 3D glasses and we will curse Disney for breaking our hearts and we will curse whoever gave us emotions because it's just all too much!

Because who can forget these 13 Toy Story moments that left us weeping, either with joy or immense pain? We didn't forget. We will never forget.

Toy Story

1. Andy drives off without Woody

Woody realizing that Andy doesn't even know he's missing is just the first of many punches in the grief bone that these films give us.

2. Buzz failing to fly

That music? The broken wing? The destroyed, crestfallen look on Buzz's face? Ugh. Screw you, Pixar.

3. Woody's pep talk to Buzz

This is the real turning point for these two best friends, but Woody thinking he should be strapped to that rocket is just NOT OK.

4. Buzz finally flies

He's actually "falling with style," but Woody is so happy and Buzz is so proud that it doesn't matter what's actually going on with the flight mechanics.

5. Woody and Buzz are reunited with Andy

Finally! A wink that isn't creepy!

Toy Story 2

6. Jessie's heartbreaking backstory

You thought Sarah McLachlan only destroyed your soul with her ASPCA commercials? Nope. She can do it in Pixar movies, too!

7. Woody's choice

Woody has to choose between a new and exciting life with Bullseye, Jesse and Stinky Pete or going back to his home to Andy with Buzz and the gang. And really, isn't that a choice that everyone has to make?

Toy Story 3

8. The toys accept that Andy doesn't want to play with them anymore

Basically, this whole movie is one giant sob fest (that opening montage!), but it really gets going when the toys try and trick Andy into playing with them again.

9. Woody has to leave Bullseye behind

If it involves saying goodbye to pets, we don't want to even talk about it.

10. Lots-o'-Huggin's backstory

It's Jesse all over again! Stop this!

11. Together to the end

Have you ever cried so hard you couldn't even see? If not, just watch this part.

12. Andy almost doesn't give Woody away

Ugh. The hesitation Andy has while talking to Bonnie about his best buddy showed more emotion in one minute than most movies show in 90.

13. The toys watch Andy drive off

BRB, sobbing forever.

Damn you, Disney!