Matt Bomer's AHS: Freak Show Appearance Joins the Show's Most Shocking Moments

Well that was fun.

By Lauren Piester Nov 06, 2014 4:25 AMTags
American Horror Story: Freak Show, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock Michele K. Short/FX

Well, that didn't last long.

We always knew Matt Bomer would only be joining AHS for one episode, but we definitely did not imagine that his cameo would be quite that short, or quite that memorable.

We first came upon Bomer's character, Andy, in a gay bar, talking to Dell. Turns out, Dell's in love with prostitute Andy, and the feelings are not exactly mutual. Dell seems to get very, very jealous at the thought of his love with another man. As soon as Dell stormed off, who should waltz up to Andy's table but Dandy, who had spent most of the episode so far preparing his body to be the ultimate murder machine.

Dandy then paid $100 to take his new friend back to Twisty's trailer, where he told Andy to turn around and take off his clothes. Dandy did the same, and then promptly and brutally murdered him. The poor guy was even still alive after Dandy had stabbed him multiple times and sawed off one arm, about which Dandy chastised him. "You're making me feel bad! Stop it!"

So that was lovely. 

Dandy then showed back up at his mother's house covered in blood, and she was almost too busy to notice while she was on the phone, convincing Dora's daughter – played by Gabourey Sidibe – that her mother was fine and there was nothing to worry about. There was a lot to worry about, actually, since Dandy and his mother had just buried Dora under the new flower bed, but Dora's daughter certainly doesn't need to know that. 

Meanwhile, during a definitely uncomfortable tryst with Jimmy, Desiree started seriously bleeding. A visit from a doctor revealed that she was not, in fact, a hermaphrodite, but actually more of a super-female, with extra large "lady parts." She had also just had a miscarriage, which explained the bleeding. While Dell professed his love to a prostitute, the doctor encouraged Desiree to try for more children soon, due to her age, and offered to do some cosmetic surgery to make her look more "normal." Dell was, somewhat understandably, not happy about this, and we're pretty sure he's also not going to be too happy to discover that his lover has now been chopped to pieces.

So, were you expecting to see Matt Bomer go so quickly? Check out our gallery of AHS' most shocking moments and head to the comments to tell us how you think tonight's episode ranks!