It turns out that the Mockingjay cast had some wacky neighbors down the road while filming in Atlanta this year.

Sitting down with E! News at the Dumb and Dumber To junket, Jim Carrey confirmed that he partied with Jennifer Lawrence at a Hunger Games soiree and, as Jeff Daniels handily affirmed, there was a tree house involved.

"We were kind of partying together, the two groups, you know, and that was a blast—it was a tree house?" Carrey asked his partner in crime, the actors reunited for more Dumbness more than 19 years after their first go-round. 

"There was a tree house," Daniels nodded. 

"Yeah, there was a tree house involved," Carrey continued. "It was quite something, this person had this incredible tree house that was built by, I don't know, Robinson Crusoe?" Daniels nodded, adding, "I didn't know he was a carpenter, but..." 

Jennifer Lawrence, Jim Carrey


"The original one, yeah," Carrey continued off the cuff. "And it was amazing, incredible. We liked each other," he added, seemingly referring to Lawrence.

Or he meant the tree house, but either way... Move over, Emma Stone!

Carey and Daniels also reminisced about some of the more physically taxing scenes they put their now fiftysomething bodies through the ringer for in the years-in-the-making sequel, which finally hits theaters Nov. 14.

You really can't recreate the spoken repartee with the written word, so just watch the clip to hear the tales from Harry and Lloyd's mouths directly.

Meanwhile, Carrey made one of his biggest comedic splashes in a while with his multi-part Saturday Night Live bit parodying Matthew McConaughey's super-intense Lincoln commercials, Carrey's spot-on impersonation having been viewed more than 7.2 million times on YouTube in barely nine days.

Watch our interview to see what Daniels, who also made a cameo on Carrey's SNL a week ago, thought of his pal's spoof--and find out whether McConaughey has been in touch with his doppelgänger to give him a few "all rights" of encouragement!

Don't miss E! News' coverage of the Dumb and Dumber To premiere Tuesday at 7 p.m. & 11 p.m.

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