It looks like everyone underestimated Wes (Alfred Enoch)—especially Annalise (Viola Davis)!

In tonight's episode of How to Get Away With Murder, Wes is still seriously pissed at his professor for lying to him about Lila's case and the fact that her husband, Sam (Tom Verica), was in fact her Mr. Darcy, and he isn't afraid to call Annalise out.

In our exclusive sneak peek from the ABC hit, Annalise pays Wes an unexpected visit at his apartment, only to have the group's resident "puppy" show off some serious bite...

"Stop this," Wes tells Annalise, when she takes a seat on his bed and asks him what he wants. Whoa, is she trying to seduce Mr. Gibbins in order to keep him quiet?! 

Too bad Wes isn't in the mood for more of Annalise's manipulation, threatening to make a major move against her. Press play on our exclusive video above to see the intense showdown!

And any HTGAWM fan knows this isn't the first time Annalise has made an inappropriate move around Wes, rubbing his nipple in the series premiere, which was an unscripted moment, creator Peter Nowalk revealed to us"That's what I love about Viola," he said. "The script says that she touches him inappropriately and she went there. She is game for those weird moments."

How to Get Away With Murder airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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