16 Revealing Disney Halloween Costumes to Ruin Your Childhood Forever

Somehow this company managed to make Finding Nemo skanky

By Jenna Mullins Sep 26, 2014 10:48 PMTags

Hey, remember all those whimsical, wonderful Disney movies that you just loved watching as a little kid? Or maybe you are just starting to share those same magical films with your children now?

Either way, it's all over forever. Why?

Because companies like Yandy.com are selling outfits that have turned your favorite Disney characters into Halloween costumes that are called things like "Sassy Cinder Babe Costume," "Sultry Snow White Costume" and "Fairytale Darling Costume."

Stop. R.I.P., childhood.

1. Sexy Tux & Ears Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Mickey, what happened buddy?

2. Deluxe Evil Queen Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

We are more offended by the mullet dress.

3. Ice Girl Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

This isn't actually so bad. They definitely could have made Elsa sluttier...

4. Blue Snow Maiden Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Therrre it is.

5. Sexy Cinder Girl Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

If she wore that to the ball, the Prince would never have let her leave, know what we're saying?

6. Evil Maleficent Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

We promise not to make any "horny" jokes here. ... We just did, didn't we?

7. Mousey Mistress Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Ugh. We hate that a Minnie Mouse costume has the word "mistress" in it.

8. Sequin Snow White

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Goodbye, innocent Disney princess who just wanted a kiss from a prince to wake her up.

9. Fairy

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Girl, we can almost see your Tinker Bell.

10. Sleepless Beauty Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

The Three Good Fairies would be horrified.

11. Deluxe Beauty Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Again with the mullet dress!

12. Midnight Magic Princess Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

If you squint, she kind of looks like Katherine Heigl starring in a seriously weird rom-com.

13. Sweetheart Snow Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

We're all thinking it: apples. 

14. Coral Clownfish Ne-moh Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

*weeps silently over lost innocence*

15. Enchanting Beauty Costume

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Doesn't it get a little breezy in that outfit? Then again, she is wearing gloves...

16. Funny Snowman

Courtesy: Yandy.com

Sorry, we're going to say it: "Do you wanna get with a snowman?"

And we're at an all-time low, guys.

Happy Halloween?