Chrissy Teigen does have a bun in the oven—if by oven we mean her brain and by bun we mean the seed of an idea.

Asked about the cookbook she's working on, Teigen told E! News last night at the NYC launch party for 2K Sports' NBA 2K15 title, "It's still in little tiny baby stages—if there's ever, like, any fetus of a book, that's the book."

See, she used a baby metaphor first!

"One of the hardest stages," Teigen said, "is really trying to really hone in on what you want it to be and have a clear and concise voice, but it's exciting for me. It's been really fun and it's been a long time coming. I think it's about time."

Speaking of timing, Teigen recently returned to New York after a romantic anniversary trip to Italy and France with her husband of a year, John Legend, a getaway that included a night at the famed Crazy Horse Cabaret in the City of Light.

"Took John to see other boobs for our anniversary to make up for the 364 days of the year I'm insufferable," the Sports Illustrated cover girl captioned the evidence on Instagram afterward. "PS they are insanely talented and not just boobs." She added, "My favorite part about my anniversary dinner was the girl who came to our table who john used to bone and also the sea bass."


John Legend, Chrissy Teigen


Teigen also described their milestone (also known as the Paper Anniversary) to E! News in signature comedic fashion.

"It was so beautiful," she told us. "We went to Italy for a little bit too, for the first part of it, which is where we got married. Then, mock-rolling her eyes, she added, "So yeah, we celebrated. We're done, waiting again, seeing what next year's is, got each other the paper thing, whatever."

Not one to take herself too seriously, Teigen also talked about the "signature thing that I want people to be aware of" that she hopes to effectively communicate in her cookbook—watch the clip to hear Chrissy's key piece of advice for young women and what to expect from her big book project!

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