Mom and Daughter


This video will make you smile and cry and feel all the feels in less than two minutes.

Georgia resident Kelly Gunderson uploaded a YouTube video titled "Gods Gift," showing her 87-year-old mother, Daphne Tresher, who has Alzheimer's disease, lying in a hospital bed next to each other and wrote in the description that her mom "knew who I was, even if just for a moment."

Posted Friday, the video has gone viral with more than 3.3 million views and counting. And once you watch, you'll easily understand why.

Here's a transcription of their heartwarming exchange:

KG: Do you know you're my mama?

DT: Uh-huh

KG: You do? A while ago you said you didn't know you're my mama.

DT: Well, you act like my mama.

KG: I act like your mama? No, I'm saying you're my mama.

DT: I'm your mama?

KG: Yeah

DT: All right, I'll be your mama.

KG: Now, do you think I would just lay here with anybody?

DT: No, I think you'd want to have to love them if they want to.

KG: Yeah, you do have to love them to lay down with them like this. And I love you, mama.

DT: I love you.

KG: But, do you know who I am, though?

DT: Uh-huh

KG: Who?

DT: Kelly

KG: [shocked] Yes, mama. Yes, I am Kelly!

DT: Well, I love Kelly. Didn't I name you Kelly?

KG: Yes, you did!


DT: Well, I love you Kelly.

KG: I love you mama. A while ago you didn't know who I was.

DT: I know, well, it was something because…I'm here and I'm thinking, my Lord, what am I thinking about?

KG: What are you thinking about right now?

DT: Well, I'm loving you.

KG: I'm loving you too, mama.

DT: Well we're both doing the same thing, aren't we?

KG: Yeah we are.

DT: Isn't it wonderful?


A hair stylist and married mother of two who lives in Georgia's Glynn County, Gunderson told that she didn't anticipate the overwhelming reaction to her video when she recorded her conversation with her mother.

"I never know what I'm going to get when I'm talking with her," Gunderson said. "I was just enjoying it. And then, when she said my name—and I have an identical twin sister—so, when she said ‘Kelly,' it just caught me off guard."

Gunderson said she believes the video has become popular "because people relate to it," adding, "I think that people see that it's a moment of clarity."

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment with the world, Kelly.

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